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Our business is concerned with providing top quality and reliable cleaning chemicals for the manufacturing, processing or refining industries.

We partner with our customers to provide them with customized products and solutions.

Disinfected Households

The home is where we all retire to after a hard day’s work to recuperate, rejuvenate and to simply relax. Our homes, households, offices and more thus need to be kept free of harmful germs and bacteria. And that is where we come in

Hygienic Workplaces

It is our vision to help create hygienic work places for our customers. Work and Happiness, it is said, but we believe that it should be Work and Healthiness. After all, A healthy mind in a healthy body

Who We Are

Belshaw Limited is a leading producer of detergents, disinfectants and degreasers. For 40 years, we have supplied a considerable number of institutions with premium products that have solved their needs in a timely manner. We believe that until the final user of our products is satisfied, the sales process is not complete thus we esteem great customer service above anything else. What this means is that, we will go any length to ensure that our customers get real value from any purchase made from us.

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Belshaw Limited leads the chemical industry when it comes to helping customers and industries get high quality, efficient and effective chemicals at an unparalleled value. Get in touch with us today to know more about our product and services!

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