149 Degreaser (Food Grade)


  • High performance hard surface cleaner
  • Highly effective in removing grime, oil and grease
  • Effective on steel and non – painted aluminum surfaces
  • Breaks down proteins in food processing plants/machinery
  • Contains no perfume or dye
  • Will not taint foodstuffs

  • Hard surface cleaner and degreaser. To removes oil, grease, fats deposits in  all areas of food processing and packaging plants.
  • Recommended for use in hotels, restaurants and bars for cleaning all surfaces likely to come into contact with food in food preparation and service areas.
Direction of Use
  • Rate of Dillution : 1 to 40 parts water or 1 to 50 parts water depend in degree of soiling.
  • Apply dilution, wait for 3-5 minutes and mop.
Specification :
Blend of soap, Wetting agents and Aikall

Appearance : Clear liquid

Colour : clear

Odour : Odourless

Density : 1.17g/ml

pH value :  12- 13

Pack size : 5L, 20L,200L

200Ltr, 20Ltr, 5Ltr

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