Sterilite Antiseptic Disinfectant (Izal)


A powerful white disinfectant , Tar derivative in an Emulsifiable base
  • Heavy duty disinfectant with rideal walker coefficient of 1820
  • Powerful fungicidal, bactericidal and Tuber culocidal activity
  • Strong phenolic protection against Lipid viruses (HIV, HEP B)
  • Ideally suited for use in highly contaminated areas.
  • Retains activity in presence of high organic loading.
  • Strong lingering odour.
  • Highly effective in combating foul odours.
  • General purpose heavy duty disinfectant for the routing disinfection of a variety of applications including Industrial, Agricultural, Domestic and Public institutions.
  • Ideally suited for use where the degree of contamination and organic loading is likely to be high eg. Drains, Lavatories, High density animal housing.
Direction of Use
  • Standing Dilution> 40ml in 5L water : For cleaning and general disinfection of floors, lavatories, sinks.
  • Infection Control> 40ml in 4L water : For control of infections or contagious diseases
  • Drain maintenance> Pour about 50ml neat products into drains to prevent odours.
Antimicrobial Efficacy: Achieves a rideal walker coefficients of 18 / 20

Specification : A Blend of Tar acids, Neutral oils and Emulsifiers.

Appearance : Opaque Liquid

Colour : Off-white

Odour : Strong Phenolic

Density : 0.95g/ml

Ph Value : 10±1

200Ltr, 25Ltr, 20Ltr, 5Ltr


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