Degreasing Compound


  • Blend of highly-refined hydrocarbon
  • Unique emulsifiers
  • Powerful surface acting agents
  • High degreasing activity
  • Degreaser for heavily soiled surfaces
  •  Removes heavy deposits of grease
  • Suitable for mining companies, oil companies and heavy mechanical workshops
Direction of Use:
  • Normal dilution rate of 1:10
  • Dilution may be adjusted depending on degree of soiling.
  • Apply dilution, wait for 2-3 minutes and scrub or mop.
  Caution : Use Protective Clothing and Gloves

Specification :
Aromatic hydrocarbons, emulsifier and surfactants

Appearance: Free flowing liquid

Colour: Green

Odour: Characteristic mineral oil or Hydro carbon

Density: 1.0/gml

Flashpoint: 28°C

Ph value: 8.5-10


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